EXPLORE magazine cover for June 2008

Well, it's official, I nabbed the cover for explore magazine for this month, my first national magazine cover in almost a year!

The Ramparts reflected in Amethyst Lake in the Tonquin Valley, Jasper National Park

Selling images to magazines is not an easy way to make a living and because of that I rarely pursue magazine sales directly; however, I've been lucky enough in recent years to have quite a few magazines contact me and request specific wildlife or nature photographs. You can see four more images of mine in the June issue of explore, as well as a double page spread in AMA's June Westworld Alberta magazine.

The Province of British Columbia also recently released a beautiful full-colour book British Columbia: Spirit of the People to celebrate their 150th anniversary. I've got three double page photography spreads in it, along with four other images from various parts of BC.

And finally, my new book arrives on Friday, so watch for details on it coming soon!