Banff Bus Photography - ROAM!

In June of this year, the Town of Banff launched their new and highly publicized hybrid bus system, ROAM, which features larger-than-life images of my wildlife photography all over the buses.

The launch got all kinds of press coverage, like this news release from CBC. I was lucky enough to be contracted to provide images for all four buses in their entirety, each featuring a different animal in one of the four seasons:

The grizzly bear bus featuring a spring theme.

The mountain goat bus featuring a summer theme.

The elk bus featuring a fall theme.

The wolf bus featuring a winter theme.

The Town of Banff has an excellent section on their website with pictures and information on each bus and the project, as well as a profile page on my photography. They've also put together a great video which details just how unique this hybrid bus program is.

On a personal note, it's been exciting for me to be associated with such a high profile green project and to see my photography featured so prominently on the streets of Banff. I am proud of the Town of Banff for taking a leap forward in going green and I hope that Canmore and Jasper won't be far behind!

Cheers, John