Banff - Jasper Photography Blog

At the start of January 2009, I began a Banff - Jasper Photography Blog for CanadianRockies.Net. The Banff - Jasper blog is quite different from this one, as it's geared towards offering tips, locations and other advice for photographing in Banff, Jasper and the Canadian Rockies.

My Banff - Jasper Photography Blog on CanadianRockies.Net

You'll find my recommendations on everything from the best roads to drive for wildlife photography, to the best times of year to visit the parks, to even the best places to stay based on being a wildlife or a landscape photographer. And of course you'll find lots of great tips on actual locations, like photographing Mt Edith Cavell and Cavell Pond in Jasper.

I'm hoping that this new blog will prove to be a great resource for those of you visiting the Rockies intent on pursuing photography here, as well as for those of you that are frequent visitors, but are maybe looking for a new tidbit of advice or for a new location to shoot at.