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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stop the Grizzly Bear Hunt in BC

Hello all. I've been wanting to write about the grizzly bear hunt in British Columbia for a long time now, but I never seem to have the time. So in the meantime, I'm posting a wonderful link to a website dedicated to stopping the grizzly bear hunt in BC before the 2010 Olympics by putting an enormous amount of pressure on the BC government to embarrass them prior to being on the world stage.

A grizzly bear eating salmon in the Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia

Grizzly bears are near and dear to my heart. So please visit when you can and write a letter or an email or even just pass the link along to friends.

Please stay tuned in coming months for more on this topic as I ramp up my own efforts to bring attention to this timely matter.




  1. Hello John, I work as a Biologist for Lake Babine Nation and we have a Public Education Display on Ecosystem conservation we are creating for the fiscal year end. Our theme is Salmon, the keystone species. We have many photos of Grizzly eating salmon, but The one on this website you have would be the best. Would you be willing/interested in allowing us to use it on our poster? I can send you a copy of the poster it would go on. Thank you,
    Alana Dickson

  2. Sure Alana...message me over on email (see Contact info above).