Upcoming Presentations in Canmore and Calgary

I'll be presenting 'A Day in the Life of a Wildlife Photographer' at the Canmore Collegiate High School theatre this Saturday (tomorrow), October 17th at 2 pm as part of Canmore's Festival of Eagles. A day pass to all the presentations is $20 and includes a chance to get up-close and personal with a host of raptors and birds of prey (and sorry for the late notice, I have had this booked for several months now, but brain-cramped on actually putting it on my blog!).

The public relations director at the Royal Alberta Museum said that 'A Day in the Life of a Wildlife Photographer' was "the best presentation [they've] hosted in the four years [he's] been doing this." So feel free to come and see me shake like a leaf as I try to live up to that lofty billing ;-)

The following weekend, on Saturday, October 24th and Sunday, October 25th, I will be speaking twice each day at the national Digital Photo Expo in Calgary, Alberta. My topics each day will be 'How to Make a Million Dollars in Nature Photography' and 'The Top Ten Lessons I've Learned in Outdoor Photography'. For a complete schedule and times I'll be speaking, please visit The Camera Store's website. Tix for a weekend pass are just $15 and last year they had 9,000 people attend, so get there early if you want a good seat to either of my talks each day (note that I repeat each talk on the second day, so you can catch me either Saturday or Sunday).

Happy Shooting!