Polar Bear Pictures

A year ago, as a test trip as part of a Canadian wildlife photography tour company that I'm launching in 2010, I visited Churchill, Manitoba along with a few colleagues. We braved -40 temperatures and five days of blizzards, but got some absolutely fabulous opportunities with the polar bears.

This is the first sneak peek at the polar bear pictures (the best are yet to come!). Enjoy!

A young polar bear bedded down in a snow drift

An adult polar bear pops up for a look at us

Mother and cub in a winter blizzard

Large adult polar bear having a snooze on the ice

A polar bear crosses the vast tundra beneath stormy skies

Two polar bears spar (playfight)

A mother polar bear and her yearling cub cross the tundra beneath sunny skies

For more information and updates on my new tour company launching in 2010, please stay tuned here on my blog.



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