Monday, March 30, 2009

Winter Photography Favourites 2007-2008

As the winter winds down in 2009, I have finally finished up editing my winter images from 2007-08. Yup, you got that math right, I am exactly one year behind in my photo editing. Pathetic? Absolutely! But that's what happens when I'm given the NHL Center Ice Package for my birthday -- I watch way too much hockey and do way too little editing!

Anyways, excuses aside, here are some of my own personal favourites (not necessarily my most saleable or popular shots) from the winter photographing in the Canadian Rockies and beyond in 2007-08.

The Cline River, David Thompson Country, Alberta, Canada

A wild wolf howling along a mountain road on a gloomy winter morning

A snowy owl perched atop the skeleton of a prairie tree

Castle Mountain reflected in the swift-flowing waters of the Bow River at sunset

Bull elk waging a late season battle in a snowstorm

A large bull moose in a fresh snowfall

Mt Rundle and Vermilion Lakes at sunset, Banff National Park

Two cow elk nervously cross the railway in a snowstorm

A herd of bull elk grazes below the towering face of Mt Ishbel

A lone bighorn ram surveys his winter domain in Wilcox Pass

A lonely abandoned farm on the Canadian Prairies

Friends photographing a giant bull moose at close quarters in Kananaskis Country

A wild wolf wandering the treeline on a beautiful sunny winter day

That's it! Hope you enjoyed the images.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Banff - Jasper Photography Blog

At the start of January 2009, I began a Banff - Jasper Photography Blog for CanadianRockies.Net. The Banff - Jasper blog is quite different from this one, as it's geared towards offering tips, locations and other advice for photographing in Banff, Jasper and the Canadian Rockies.

My Banff - Jasper Photography Blog on CanadianRockies.Net

You'll find my recommendations on everything from the best roads to drive for wildlife photography, to the best times of year to visit the parks, to even the best places to stay based on being a wildlife or a landscape photographer. And of course you'll find lots of great tips on actual locations, like photographing Mt Edith Cavell and Cavell Pond in Jasper.

I'm hoping that this new blog will prove to be a great resource for those of you visiting the Rockies intent on pursuing photography here, as well as for those of you that are frequent visitors, but are maybe looking for a new tidbit of advice or for a new location to shoot at.