John E Marriott Canadian Wildlife and Nature Photography on Facebook and Twitter

Seems I've finally given in to technology and much to my chagrin, I now have a Facebook fan page under John E. Marriott Wildlife and Nature Photography and can now also be found on Twitter under John E. Marriott for those of you that want to follow me that closely.

Both steps represent another slow, painful death for the old John, the one who boldly went about town with no cell phone until just three years ago. And while I'm still not sold on Twitter, I do admit that putting together photo albums for the Facebook page is far easier than doing it here on my blog, so those of you that join that page will get to see a lot of photos that aren't even available yet here on

Also wanted to send out a quick reminder for anyone interested in attending my Wildlife Photography Seminar in Calgary this Saturday, February 13th. Registration is almost full, so sign up now if you haven't already.

And finally, I now have a Canon 1D Mk IV in my hands and my initial reactions to it are mixed. With my 70-200 lens the results have been fantastic, but the shots with my 500mm lens have been quite poor so far. Not sure why, but I'll post my findings in a week or two after more testing.

Happy shooting!