More Grizzly Bear Hunt notes

The campaign to put a halt to the grizzly bear hunt in British Columbia continues to grow, and this week features a visual petition by conservation photographer Andrew Wright. The "Faltering Light" Visual petition is a coffee table photography book sponsored by more than 40 Canadian organizations that will feature your signatures and will be delivered in person to government officials, including the Premier of British Columbia.

Now is the time to step up and sign a petition if you've been waffling about doing so, as this one may garner the most attention of all. If you think it's time British Columbia stopped allowing the trophy hunt (because that's what it is) of BC's grizzly bears, then please take a few seconds and electronically sign the petition.

A grizzly family in the Great Bear Rainforest near Bella Bella, British Columbia

Thanks to Andrew for taking this bold step, let's hope it results in some progress with government in the fight to stop this unnecessary hunt.



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