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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photos from the Vault - Prairie Fence

I took this image several years ago in southern Alberta near Del Bonita.  It remains one of my all-time favourite prairie images.

Sunrise on the Canadian Prairies

The prairie scene was photographed with a Canon EOS 5D, 17-40mm lens set at 20 mm, f16, with a warming polarizer and 3-stop split neutral density filter.  All of my digital files are processed with Canon's Digital Photo Professional (DPP).

Happy shooting!



  1. Great shot!

    So you don't use photoshop at all?

    I've been using DPP forever. I just got CS5 recently. It's a big learning curve.

  2. Thanks guys. Conor, I do use photoshop, absolutely. But usually just for quick tweaks with colour or to recover highlight-shadow detail.