Photo of the Day - Black-Footed Ferret

Time to change pace a bit from all these fall colours I've been showing lately.  This is an image from an absolutely remarkable encounter I had this past summer with a wild black-footed ferret on the Canadian Prairies.

A wild black-footed ferret in southern Saskatchewan, Canada

Ferrets are usually nocturnal, and they were only reintroduced back into Canada in September 2009 after an 80-year absence.  So needless to say, I was stunned to see one wandering around one morning in a prairie dog town on private property near Grasslands National Park.

For three hours I got to photograph this amazing creature, one of just 14 or 15 in existence in Canada.  It was easily one of the most memorable wildlife photography encounters I have ever had, and will likely be a big part of a few of my upcoming books and speaker series talks.



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