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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photo of the Day - Bull Moose in Kananaskis

I've been on the hunt for big bull moose the past week and overall have had very little luck in my usual spots down in Kananaskis Country. But this big bull poked his head out of the bush in the rain on Saturday long enough for me to get a few nice photos of him staring me down.

A big bull moose on a rainy morning in beautiful fall colours in Kananaskis Country

Unfortunately, I won't be out searching for moose anymore as I'm off tomorrow to photograph grizzlies in B.C. (I know, I lead a terrible life). Wish me luck!

PS - Gavin, this shot's for you!


  1. Hey John,

    Did you happen to notice if he had a scar on his left hind leg ? his rack is vertually identical to the one i photographed the other day..

    no females hiding in the bush ? looks like he has abit of an erection..

  2. Hey John,

    Thanks for posting this! Great to see what he looks like standing up as he remained bedded down when we shot him! Great shot!


  3. Brandon, most bulls have an erection any time they stand up at this time of year, ha-ha...there were cows around in the vicinity, but nothing close.

    Gavin, he had been bedded down for almost an hour when I was out there with him, before he finally stood up, shook off, stared at me (I know it looks like he's glaring, but he's really not!), turned around, then bedded back down again.

  4. I had the same problem in middle school, very embarrassing condition to have.
    I'm heading from Jasper down to kamloops and back across to Calgary looking for grizzlies. Do you know of any good spots that you wouldn't mind sharing?

  5. It's a tough time of year to find grizzlies around, Peter, you can try the Icefields Parkway where I got my grizzly ten days ago, but it's far from a sure bet. Good luck!

  6. Hi John,

    Im the English bloke who was in the meadow when you took this shot. Im now back home in Dorset with two signed copes of your books.
    Thanks for the tips and good luck for the future.