Jasper Wildlife Photography Tour Update

Who knew that Jasper could be so backwoods?  While I can readily update my blog from the Dempster, from Baffin Island, and even from Govenlock, Saskatchewan (population 0), I've had nothing but trouble trying to update you all on my adventures in Jasper this week with my wildlife photography workshop group. 

I finally gave up trying to find a normal wireless connection and have resorted to using a library computer.  Sad, but true.

Anyways, the trip has been a big success so far, with a first day that included two giant bull elk, two herds of bighorn sheep, a coyote, and the biggest bull moose I've ever seen in the Canadian Rockies.  Today wasn't quite as exciting, as we had to settle for a massive whitetail buck, several more herds of bighorn, and a pile of pikas (the infamous rock rabbits of Jasper).

Bighorn rams in a light snowfall in October in Jasper National Park

Tomorrow we're off in search of the big rams of Wilcox Pass near the Columbia Icefields.  It's supposed to snow 5 cm tonight, so it could be a glorious winter wonderland up there by the time we hike up tomorrow.  Wish us luck!


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