Outdoor Photography Canada Column!

Big news from out east this afternoon as the editor of Outdoor Photography Canada messaged me to let me know that I have been named the first wildlife photography columnist for the growing national magazine

My Spring 2010 cover for Outdoor Photography Canada

My first column will be featured in the next issue which is due out at the end of November.  I'm extremely thrilled to be joining friends like Mike Grandmaison, Scott Linstead, Dale Wilson, Mark Degner, Kelly Funk, Paul Burwell, and Darwin Wiggett as a columnist and can't wait to get going on it.

If you have any ideas for future columns on 'How-To' issues or other topics for the column, please let me know here in the Comments section.  Fellow wildlife photographers, what do you want to get better at?  What gear do you have questions about? Do you want to see columns on wildlife photography ethics?  Hotspots?  Anything you can think of will be a big help, so write your suggestions below and hopefully I'll be able to cover a few of the topics in future columns.

Happy Shooting!


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