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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Outdoor Photography Canada Column!

Big news from out east this afternoon as the editor of Outdoor Photography Canada messaged me to let me know that I have been named the first wildlife photography columnist for the growing national magazine

My Spring 2010 cover for Outdoor Photography Canada

My first column will be featured in the next issue which is due out at the end of November.  I'm extremely thrilled to be joining friends like Mike Grandmaison, Scott Linstead, Dale Wilson, Mark Degner, Kelly Funk, Paul Burwell, and Darwin Wiggett as a columnist and can't wait to get going on it.

If you have any ideas for future columns on 'How-To' issues or other topics for the column, please let me know here in the Comments section.  Fellow wildlife photographers, what do you want to get better at?  What gear do you have questions about? Do you want to see columns on wildlife photography ethics?  Hotspots?  Anything you can think of will be a big help, so write your suggestions below and hopefully I'll be able to cover a few of the topics in future columns.

Happy Shooting!



  1. I can't wait to read your column!
    I would like to know if you continually move around to 'find a wild thing' or do you find the sitting in a blind for hours strategy. (Clearly when you are more on your own looking for elusive animals vs. a tour where they are easy to find).

    I would also be keen to hear your opinion on wildlife ethics, especially in regards to habituating animals to human presence and then the effect it has on the wildlife.

  2. "Fellow wildlife photographers, what do you want to get better at?"

    Picture composition

    "What gear do you have questions about?"

    None, you shoot the other brand :-)

    "Do you want to see columns on wildlife photography ethics?"



    How hot?

  3. What is your most versatile lens? If you went out to shoot for an afternoon and could only take one lens for scenic work, what lens would you take?

  4. Looking forward to it John! Spoke to you about gear at your April Canmore conference... Learned a lot that weekend that I was able to use on a 10 day trip into Katmai. Many thanks to you and the whole SNAP crew...

  5. Hey John
    I love the magazine and look forward to reading your column. A few idea's would be tips on safely tracking predatory animals, recognizing animal shelters (dens, nests ect.) I think wildlife photo ethics would be a great column aswell. Can't wait to read your column regularly.

  6. I'm looking forward to the one about shooting captive animals in game farms or zoos, and baited wildlife too! Are you still planning to write this and if so, when?

  7. When's the article about game farm shooting and baited wildlife coming out, or have I already missed it?

  8. The wildlife brothels would really be a interesting topic!

  9. Congrats John, I'll be sure to pick up the next magazine :)

  10. Congratulations, John. I'm looking forward to reading your column.

  11. Thanks everyone, great to hear some of the topics you want to see (except for Hendrik's wildlife brothels idea, ha-ha!).

    I hope you all like the first column, it's a great one (in my humble opinion!).