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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Photo of the Day - Abandoned House

This old farm house on the prairies caught my eye immediately on my first drive by.  It had a beautiful row of hedges on either side framing the big entrance-way and some glorious puffy clouds up above it.

An abandoned farm house on the Canadian Prairies
This image is a part of my Mastering Compositional Techniques talk that I'll be giving at Baker Creek Chalets this weekend as part of our latest SNAP! Nature Photography Series of Workshops and Seminars.  It's my final workshop of the season and will bring to a close a hectic last few months of travel and instruction.

As of Monday, I'll be free as a bird to watch Canucks games, drink a few pops, and edit the two years of images that I'm behind on...ULP, ah well, there goes the bubble bursting :-(

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Wow, that's so beautiful, I love the clouds above too.

  2. Nice picture -- but a bit overdone in Photoshop... Lay off the tint and saturation sliders John!

  3. Wow! A very powerful image. That poor little house, abandoned to the menacing forces of nature. It really evokes strong feelings in me - I just have to feel pity for that poor little house. Abandoned indeed.

  4. Thanks everyone, it was a magical spot...some lovely light and a fantastic yard.

    And no tint or saturation sliders were used, just a blue-gold polarizer for a little artistic license to create a more dramatic effect. I also have versions that are black and white, sepia, normal colour, etc.