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Monday, October 25, 2010

Photo of the Day - Grizzly Caviar

Since I didn't quite get around to putting together the first post of photos from my clients on the grizzly bear photography tour three weeks ago, I've instead resorted to showing you one last grizzly photo (for now) of my own from the trip: this beautiful female grizzly dining on salmon eggs -- grizzly caviar if you will!

grizzly bear photography
A grizzly bear eating sockeye salmon eggs

She ate these much like we might eat caviar, little by little, gently placing them on the top of her paw and eating them slowly as if she was savouring each egg (which she probably was!).  This is one of my favourite grizzly bear photos from the trip, not so much for the photo itself, but for the memories it evokes.

Happy shooting!



  1. Stunning shot, like it even more than the other one you showed us with the eggs.
    Just heard that my pics take even longer, instead of a 1-2 day delivery, it's now 2-3 weeks for the monitor...

  2. This is a fabulous shot. She does look like she is savoring each bite. The lighting is fabulous too.