Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photo Slideshow Software for PC users

I wanted to switch gears a bit today and recommend a piece of software I've been using for years now, called MySlideShow Gold.  I use this inexpensive program to produce all of my digital slideshows, whether for the big photo expos I've participated in, the corporate shows I do 5-10 times a year, or the small camera club gatherings I've presented at.

The beauty of this program is that it's easy to use and gives me all of the options I could want for quick and simple slideshows, yet it also allows me to create highly professional multimedia presentations.  Even someone with a limited knowledge of computers can throw a bunch of jpgs into a folder and create a fancy slideshow in minutes without having to pore over a user's manual.  You can add video, audio, slideshow transition effects, and even fancy smells (ok, I made that last part up).

A screenshot of MySlideShow Gold and my 'Top Ten Lessons I've Learned in Nature Photography' show

The best part of the program may be the price.  It's available for $49 for a business license/$39 for a personal use license!

If you ever want to see MySlideShow Gold in action, try to catch one of my shows with The Camera Store in Calgary (I'll be announcing several new seminars/shows at the start of November) or contact me for a quote to come and speak in front of your group. Shows and seminars that I've put together on MySlideShow Gold include:

- A Day in the Life of a Wilderness Photographer (a non-technical entertainment-based show)
- How to Make a Million Dollars in Nature Photography
- The Top Ten Lessons I've Learned in Outdoor Photography
- How to Self-Publish (and actually make money at it)
- Getting Wild about Photography (the secrets to becoming a great wildlife photographer)
- Camera Settings Made Easy (in-camera tools you need to know)
 - and a host of smaller shows about composition, lighting, editing, and archiving

Happy shooting!


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