Photo of the Day - Humpback Whale

I had heard of humpback whales bubble-netting to capture krill, but had never actually seen or photographed it until last year along the West Coast near Prince Rupert.

A humpback whale bubble-netting on the B.C. West Coast

It was actually remarkably easy to figure out where the whale was going to come up, because you could see the circle of bubbles rise to the surface and sure enough, the whale would pop out right in the middle of those bubbles.  In fact, if you look closely in the bottom right side of this image, you can see the remnants of the bubble circle.  And looking closely, you can also see the hallmark of photography on the British Columbia coast: rain.  On this particular trip, it rained...and rained...and rained.  Five straight days at one point, but that still didn't stop us from getting lots of great shots of whales and spirit bears.

Watch my Canadian Wildlife Photography Tours website next week for the official announcement of my spirit bear and whale watching tour dates for 2011.

Happy shooting!


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