Photos from the Vault - Polar Bear Family

Today's photo is from a trip to Churchill I organized in 2008 before I had started my Canadian Wildlife Photography Tours company. 

A polar bear family cuddled up on the shores of Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba

I rented out my own tundra buggy and invited a bunch of friends along, and each day we'd go out in the dark and come back in the dark, spending all day on the tundra.  This photo was taken right at the end of the day as the sun was setting, so the light was very low and the shady spots were quite cyan-tinted.  I took this with a 500mm lens at 1/400th of a second, f4, ISO 1250 and removed a bit of the blue cast in post-processing.

I'm still trying to organize some polar bear trips for next year, so watch if you're interested in joining me in Churchill or in one of the other destinations I'm looking at for polar bear photography.

Happy shooting!


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