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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Photo of the Day - Bull Moose

Kananaskis Country has once again been good to me this fall/winter in my annual search for big bull moose to photograph.  I photographed this guy in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park after a fresh snowfall.

Big bull moose in fresh snow in Kananaskis Country

Happy shooting!



  1. Hey, I think I recognize him! Is that the same moose we shot the day we met? Great shot, wish I could have made it out this fall. Every time I think I can get out I seem to only have small windows of opportunity or I don't get out at all. Soon I will MAKE time!


  2. That's the best kind of shooting! Well done.

    I'm still working out the kinks of a med. zoom lens. Darn cold to be outdoors anyway!

    Cheers from Perth, ON.
    Only -15 C. this a.m. I know things have been colder out west.

  3. Thanks Jenn. And yes, Wayne, same guy as last year, I'm pretty sure. Same area, anyways!

  4. Cool, good to see him doing well, hope to run into him again!

  5. Nice post.Thanks ...........