New Bear and Wolf Photos

I'm putting the finishing touches on my talk, Tall Tales, Long Lenses: Bears, Wolves and a Million Bucks, for this coming Friday, February 18th at the Ramada Hotel in Calgary and thought I better put out one more reminder for those of you that may be interested in attending.

A grizzly bear family portrait in Jasper National Park

The evening will be a two-hour multimedia affair with a combination of stories and advice on photographing wild predators like bears and wolves, along with some business tips for anyone looking to make a bit of money off of their nature photography.  Want to hear about the time I got charged by a bear?  Or the time I discovered Sasquatch tracks in B.C.?  Then you'll need to spring for the $20 and come hear me speak!  I hope to see you out.  Tickets are available on The Camera Store's website.

Happy shooting!


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