Photo of the Day - Arctic Hare

Yesterday was a monumental day in the business life of John E. Marriott (aka me).  Sunday, February 27th, 2011 was the day I finally put to bed the editing for my RAW files from 2008.  Yes, you read that right -- I just admitted that I am more than three years behind in my editing/keywording/filenaming and yesterday finally got my lazy butt around to finishing off the final edits of my final folder of 2008 images, a folder full of wildlife and scenic photographs from northern Manitoba from a trip to Churchill in November 2008.

An arctic hare bundles in against itself behind a rock in a furious blizzard in the subarctic

So in memory of that trip, and to pay tribute to today's balmy -29 (with wind chill) here in Canmore, I decided to show off one of my favourite images from the Churchill adventures: an arctic hare huddled in the leeway of a big rock as snow hurls around it.  That day was about -45 with the wind chill and I remember barely being able to stay outside shooting for more than five minutes at a time.  I was wearing four pairs of pants, along with four tops and a full down jacket.  And I was still getting cold!

Unlike this hare, I've decided to unhuddle myself from the warmth of my bed today to continue this progression through the edits of my long-forgotten images.  A 12-hour flurry of activity yesterday has taken me all the way to June 2009 in my editing process, with haughty goals of reaching 2010 by week's end.  Wish me luck!  And I hope you enjoy all the 'new' images I'll be posting....

Happy editing!


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