Return from Europe!

Hello all, my apologies for the lack of posts of late, but I went on a real holiday (sans camera) to Europe for the past three weeks and tried to avoid going near a computer for the most part.

I departed Barcelona, Spain yesterday under sunny skies and +22 degrees Celsius temperatures and arrived in Calgary to a blizzard and -6.  It was more than a little depressing, to be honest! To make matters worse, the driver-side windshield wiper "broke off" at the airport, making the drive back to Canmore even more exciting than it needed to be on the slippery roads.

However, the sun is back out and shining today, melting my winter worries away.  I'm excited to see spring arrive, so today's Photo of the Day is from last spring just outside Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan, Canada.

A stunning rainbow lights up the prairies just outside of Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada

For those of you interested in attending any of my landscape photography workshops, I've got two coming up this year: one in the Bugaboo Mountains in August doing some heli-photography in the wildflower meadows of the Bugs, and another with world-renowned landscape photographers Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou in Banff in October.

Happy shooting!


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