Photo of the Day - Grizzly Bear

Today's 'Photo of the Day' is actually from a today -- a rarity in the world of John Marriott, where Canucks games and just about everything you can possibly think of come prioritized more highly than sitting at a computer processing images.  Like everyone else, I do look at mine right away, but unlike everyone else, I rarely do more than have a quick glance through them.

As it currently stands, when I get around to editing them years later, every folder I open is like rediscovering Christmas again.  Shouts of joy fill my office (my wife can attest to this) as I pore over image after image that I had forgotten all about!  Ha-ha!

A beautiful male grizzly in Banff National Park this morning

Anyways, today I'm breaking from the norm to show you a pic from this morning's shoot with a gorgeous unmarked male grizzly bear in Banff National Park.  I'll be back out again for the rest of the week trying to add to my already ridiculously large grizzly bear photo collection (post editing, I'm at 2600 grizzly images) and hoping to find some tiny new black bear cubs.

With any luck, you'll get to see a few of those in a timely fashion, too.

Happy shooting!


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