Photo of the Day - Double Dose!

Ok, since I've been slacking of late in the blog department (there's something about spring/summer that makes me want to spend time outside and not on the computer, go figure!), I've decided to make up for lost time with a double dose of the Photo of the Day.

And as has happened occasionally in the past, today's photographs really are fairly recent.  Both images were shot on Tuesday on one of my more remarkable days in the Rockies for wildlife sightings in a long, long time.  After literally weeks of seeming to find nothing, I lucked out and had a 7 grizzly, 2 wolf day, with a liberal sprinkling of other critters thrown hour with a beaver, a pileated woodpecker nest cavity with young, and a heap of elk calves.  All in all, it almost made up for the previous few weeks of driving and hiking around finding very little to photograph.

A gps-collared wolf at roadside in the Canadian Rockies

Wolves are quite rare to find and photograph in summer, so I was thrilled to get a few photos of a couple of my favourites this week.

A beaver chowing down on a young willow tree along the Bow River in Banff

Beavers are also surprisingly hard to find in summer in the Rockies, so I was almost equally as excited to get about 500 quality shots of this big guy cruising along the shore of the Bow River foraging on willows.

I'm off now for the weekend to SE Alberta to see if I can find any rattlesnakes.  Wish me luck!

Happy shooting,

PS - for those of you in the Banff/Canmore area, my new cards (ten of them in total) will be hitting the stores this afternoon...check the Tin Box and Cafe Books in Canmore, and the Viewpoint, Rock Paper Silver, and Indigo in Banff.  More about the cards to follow in a blog post next week.

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