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Monday, August 15, 2011

Banff Grizzly Remembered by Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo has published a grizzly bear edition of their Member magazine to educate young people across Calgary and the rest of the province about the perils that our Alberta grizzlies face. The cover photo is one most of you will recognize, as it's the photo of Dawn, the mother mother grizzly that was killed out by Lake Louise earlier this year, playing with one of her yearling cubs just a day before her death.

The Calgary Zoo's member magazine remembers Dawn, the female grizzly bear killed by Lake Louise in May

Check out the informative story on Dawn, as well as a great article on Skoki, another Lake Louise bear that was removed from the Banff population years ago and who now serves his time at the Calgary Zoo thrilling and educating visitors with his majestic presence and sad tale.

Hope you enjoy the images and stories.



  1. Awesome work John!

  2. Nice work John. I was there at the time of the accident, and managed to capture the cubs the day after the she was killed on the tracks. . . the cubs looked and acted very disturbed . . . it was a sad situation. I hope that with all that you have done, and other's supporting you, that some changes can be made to reduce the risk of this happening again . . . Tony Bynum, East Glacier Park, MT

  3. Beautiful picture and such a sad story.
    You live in an amazing part of the world
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hi John

    I was really interested to read your posts on the bears. I can only hope for better outcomes in future. May I add a link to you page on my blog?