Interview on CBC's 'The National' Tonight

Hey there everyone, this is John's wife Jenn. John is away on a photo tour right now, so I get to do all his work at home -- bet you can guess who's having more fun ;-)

CBC's producers just let me know that they are airing John's interview about the grizzly bear deaths caused by trains in Banff National Park tonight on 'The National' nationwide. Please tune in tonight as it airs in your local time zone to catch the interview and story.

A Banff grizzly faces an oncoming Canadian Pacific train as it feeds on grain between the tracks.

For more information, check out:

In-Depth & Analysis
Deadly Bear Tracks
With correspondent Reg Sherren

There's something very unnatural happening in the middle of one of Canada's most beautiful parks. Grizzlies in Banff are being killed - not by poachers or hunters, but by trains. Why is it happening? And can anything be done about it?


Please visit this page and leave your ideas on how you think the bears of Banff National Park can be saved.

You can also view John's original story about the female grizzly bear killed by a train in Banff this past spring.



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