News and Notes for April 2012

And just like that, the hibernating bear (aka me) reappears with the first vestiges of spring to bring you a new blog entry full of juicy publication details and a call to all who want to get in on a workshop or tour before it's too late for 2012.

I'll start with my most exciting news: after 15 years in the biz, I've finally had an image published by BBC Wildlife magazine!  This is equal parts amazing in that a) I've never submitted anything to them, so they sought me out for this image, and b) the image they've chosen to publish is one of just five remaining in my collection from the very first year I started photographing in earnest...way back in 1994!  This black bear in dandelions is one of my original greeting cards and is the cover of one of my books, Central Rockies Mammals. In fact, for an image that was taken with an old Canon AE-2 film camera and a 300mm f4 lens (long before I could afford a big telephoto), it's done quite well for me over the past decade and a half, grossing more than $20,000 in sales.

This image of a black bear in dandelions is in the next issue of BBC Wildlife magazine

I've also got this month's cover of Canadian Wildlife magazine, featuring an image of two wild swift fox pups from southern Saskatchewan.  In fact, the current issue has four of my photos in it, while the next issue will also feature four of my shots, including several orca pictures from this past summer's trip to Johnstone Strait off Vancouver Island.  Btw, for those of you that love wildlife, I'd highly recommend subscribing to Canadian Wildlife, it's a great magazine.

A lo-res version of this month's Canadian Wildlife magazine cover

On the contest front, I'm excited to report that I once again have a finalist in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, the most prestigious wildlife photography competition in the world.  I had two finalists last year, but just one this year around, so wish me luck!

And finally, for those of you hoping to take a wildlife photography workshop or tour with me in 2012, there are only a few opportunities left.  Seven of my nine workshops and tours are already sold out, but there are still two openings in my CMH Heli-Hiking Nature Photography Workshop in early August and there may be an opening coming available in my first polar bear photo tour in early November (check out photos from my polar bear scouting trip this past November).

Photographing Vowell Glacier in the Bugaboos on my 2010 Heli-hiking photography workshop

I'm also strongly considering adding a Jasper wildlife photography workshop at the end of October to my tour and workshop itinerary, so please contact me if you'd be interested in attending this.

I think that's about it for news and notes for now.  I'm laid up for a few weeks with tendon damage in my right foot and hobbling about in a lovely air boot for a while, so I doubt I'll be getting out much to test out my new Canon 5D Mark III camera body.  So for those of you that are out shooting, good luck!


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