High Adventure in the Bugaboos!

Spring has sprung and with the advent of green grass and new leaves, I've been far from my computer most days in search of wild beasts all over the countryside.  In fact, tomorrow, I leave for my much anticipated inaugural journey to the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Reserve for my first photo tour of 2012. I'm going to take my time getting up there, though, and search for black bears (and kermodes) along the way.  Sound like a tough life?  Ha-ha, maybe not for the next few weeks....

For those of you interested in future trips to the Khutzeymateen, I do have dates already for next year's trip, however, I am going to wait until my return from BC in late May before I post them. Please contact me if you're interested in a spot on that trip (for those of you that have never been on one of my tours or workshops, note that first priority is always given to previous clients).

Speaking of workshops, I only have one spot remaining on my 2012 heli-hiking nature photography workshop with CMH Summer Adventures in the Bugaboos in August.

British Columbia Magazine features a wonderful article by staffer Shanna Baker in their current issue that talks all about the 2011 workshop, which Shanna participated in.  It's a great read that starts on page 34 and continues for a whopping nine pages, with some great descriptions of what you can expect on the workshop.

Shanna's beautiful photo of  Anniversary Peak, Bugaboo Glacier, and Houndstooth Spire graces the cover

The cover was shot on our 'sunrise shoot' one morning -- we got picked up by a helicopter in the dark at the lodge and whisked away to the top of a nearby ridge to await the golden hour!  As I said already, there is one spot remaining, so if being treated like royalty and learning some amazing photo tips sounds good to you, then snag that final spot!

Happy shooting!