Remember this Name: Brandon T. Brown

It's been a while since I've done a Remember this Name feature here on the blog (the last one was Wayne Simpson), so as summer slowly begins to fade in our rearview mirrors and we look ahead to fall and the (gasp) Christmas season, I thought it was a perfect time to highlight one of the great young Canadian wildlife photographers that I've become friends with over the past two years: Brandon T. Brown.

Brandon is a 27 year-old Canmore-based photographer, who, like many before him, is originally from eastern Canada.  After an initial sojourn to the Rockies in 2007, he moved back for good in July 2010.  He started photographing at the same time, making what I'm about to tell you next all the more remarkable: in June 2011, Brandon quit all of his day jobs and committed himself full-time to wildlife and nature photography, just a scant eleven months after taking up photography!  Perhaps just as extraordinary is that he's not only survived - albeit by the skin of his teeth at times - but he's flourished and thrived as a successful small business owner carving out a niche for himself in an industry that has become increasingly difficult to break in to in recent years.

So what's been Brandon's secret to success?  In my opinion, it's been dogged determination combined with a very real talent for wildlife photography.  Throw in a strong business acumen and the result is a photographer that I feel will one day soon be one of Canada's best.

Brandon has also displayed a real desire to keep his photography wild and natural, which I think has led in part to the success of his print business at local markets throughout the Canadian Rockies. He's quickly developed a reputation as an ethical wildlife photographer and it really shines through in the candid behaviour he captures in his photography.

For those of you that would like a closer look at Brandon's work, I encourage you to visit his Wild Canada Photo website at or his Facebook page at  Locals in Calgary and the Canadian Rockies can also view and purchase Brandon's beautiful prints in person at the Christmas market in Millarville from November 9th-11th, 2012 and in Canmore's Christmas market from November 24th-25th, 2012.

Wild Alberta horses, (c) Brandon T. Brown

Wolf pups in the Canadian Rockies, (c) Brandon T. Brown

Red fox pup, (c) Brandon T. Brown

Wild bison in a snowstorm, (c) Brandon T. Brown

Wild black wolf, (c) Brandon T. Brown

Bull Moose in Kananaskis, (c) Brandon T. Brown
Thanks for looking, everyone.

Happy shooting!


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