Update from the Field: Chilcotin Grizzly Bear Photo Tour

Update from the field via satellite phone, October 3rd, 8:49 pm PST:

Hi everyone, just wanted to fire off a quick update from the field to let you all know how things are going on the Chilcotin Grizzly Bear Photography Tour. We're just finishing off Day 11 of the tours and to date it's been the best season yet.  Take a look at some of the amazing stats we've compiled so far on this year's tours:

- half-day bear sightings record: 37 grizzlies on Day 9.
- most bear sightings in an hour record: 18 on Day 4.
- most bears in sight at one time record: 10 on Days 6 and 9.
- most GBs (gigabytes) shot in one day by a group: 454 GBs.

As for myself, I managed to shoot a personal record today, on the 43rd day that I have shot here in the past five years -- a whopping 4,293 shots, 122 GBs.  So to put that in perspective, one would think that after 42 days shooting here in the past years, I'd have shot just about everything and would be ultra picky about what I shoot now...and I am, so that alone tells you just how magical this year's tours have been.

I said it on Twitter and Facebook last week: if you have ever dreamed of doing a grizzly bear photography tour, this is the tour you need to do. Unparalleled access to some of the best and most unique grizzly bear photography in North America, bar none.

Final day is tomorrow and like many of my tours this year, I'm sad to see it over so soon.  I'll miss
White Collar and the Cinnamon Patch Mom, the triplets Piggie, Patches and Blondie, my favourite fat griz, Big Momma, and one of the most memorable animals I have ever been fortunate enough to photograph, Casper the Friendly Griz. 

Wish me luck tomorrow, and I hope that some of you will have your own good fortune and be able to join me here next year in 2013 (dates TBA later this month).

Happy shooting!


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