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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

CKNW radio interview - Wolf Kill Contest

Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know that I will be on CKNW radio on the Bill Good Show from Vancouver at 11 a.m. PST tomorrow morning (Wednesday, November 28th) talking about the Fort St. John wolf kill contest and the Draft Management Plan for the Grey Wolf in British Columbia.

You can listen live at 11 am PST (2 pm EST). Note that there will also be a call-in portion of the program after the first ten minutes, so anyone on either side of the debate that would like to weigh in on the issues can have a chance to have their say.

Wild wolf in the Khutzeymateen Valley, British Columbia




  1. Emotions aside has Rich taken the opportunity to respond?
    Someone indicated that he was retired from real estate
    so that would explain why his Remax web site does
    not fire up ? Sure would be helpful if
    a provincial government rep would chime in and shed some
    light regarding wolf problem allegiations in the area.
    Has to be a better way. If there are so many wolves then
    some enterprising folks may be sitting on a real opportunity
    from a photography perspective. Is it possible the ranchers
    are not getting fairly compensated for losses to wolves and if
    they are why is that not acceptable to the ranchers?

  2. Hi John,
    Great job in getting this issue out in the public. I listened on CKNW and was on-hold to make my comments. It amazes me how many hunters are completely missing the point. Their immediate reaction to an issue like this, is that if anyone disagrees with killing an animal, no matter the reason, that person must be a "tree-hugger", "anti-hunter" or or an ill informed city dwelling "environmentalist". As you have so eloquently and thoughtfully written and spoken about, this is not an anti-hunting issue at all. Rather, it is about putting a bounty on the indiscriminate killing of a specific animal for "fun" and prizes. Hunters and non-hunters alike should be outraged.
    Kim Odland

  3. Hi John. Any eta on the podcast? Keen to take a listen.

  4. What are you guys not getting? Any group of let's say ten hunters who are all friends.. Are aloud to shoot 3 wolves each.. That is 30 wolves between the ten of them.. Now let's say they decide to make some sort of incentive for the biggest one even if it was something as simple as a pack of cigarettes... They are not horrible people or putting a bounty on anything the bc government has aloud them to hint this many wolves no matter what however they would like to do it. The population is healthy enough to support the aloud bag limit. Quit crying already this is happening And it is real so unless you march down to the provincial building and protest nothing is going to change!!!

  5. Leave the wolves alone. The only animals they kill are sick or lame an d not going to make it in life anyway. I have never heard of a wolf in B.C. or algoncquin park ever hunting or killing a human. I also knew a few people who had tames wolves and they were very gentle. They were no raised in packs however just as a lone pet. Thank you Gary