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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Link to Radio Interview

CKNW in Vancouver has now posted the link to my interview from earlier today and I've taken the podcast and made it available here if you'd like to listen to it.

Please feel free to let me know what you think.

Wolf tracks along a road in winter in the Canadian Rockies

Happy shooting,



  1. Very well put,
    Its not so much the cull that is offensive its the fact that they are hosting public contest to cull the population of wolves.

    A true inspiration, backing you up 100% on this John.

  2. Hi John - you did great job. I think you had a nice balance of being passionate about this issue while still staying to the facts. Well done!

  3. Thank you John with you 100% on this issue.

  4. This goes without saying but to suggest it's a good idea because the alternative is to sit home doing nothing is ridiculous.