The Big Bad Wolf - How YOU Can Help

Hi everyone, this will be the first in a series of blog posts leading up to December 5th, which just happens to be the deadline for submitting comments to the BC government regarding its Draft Management Plan for the Grey Wolf in British Columbia.

As many of you already know, I've put my heart on my sleeve of late and come out strongly against the men and women hiding behind their guns up north in the Peace region. Their barbaric wolf kill contest has now garnered national attention, and my call for a boycott of the Alaska Highway by wolf lovers has people from around the world stepping up in support of the wolves of British Columbia.

Through this last week, some of the people up north have been interesting, to say the least. They've continuously shackled themselves with comments in the newspapers, on the radio, and on the internet that has made many of them look like they're stuck in a time warp, afraid to embrace modern values towards wildlife and tourism.

I've asked them repeatedly for science to back up their claims of "too many wolves" and they've come up with nothing. They've ignored my calls for data showing something/anything (!!) about increased wolf predation on livestock (read the Vancouver Sun article from October 9th, Livestock Stats Don't Justify Wolf Cull, for an eye-opener on that bogus claim). And perhaps worst of all, the men behind the contest have shriveled up under the spotlight and disappeared. Completely. Hoping, I'm sure, that us "tree-huggers" and "radicals" will go back to our cities and southern towns and let them keep masquerading about as conservationists. Unfortunately for them, the time has come to step up and make our voices heard across the province and across Canada.

So just how bad is this Draft Management Plan for the Grey Wolf in British Columbia (60 page pdf)? Rather than listening to me on this one, I'm going to give center stage over to some of Canada's most prominent wolf researchers: BC Wolf Management Plan criticized as veiled attack on the species (Vancouver Sun, November 16th) and to a friend and colleague in the world of professional wildlife photographers, Brad Hill, a biologist living in the heart of wolf country in the Kootenays in British Columbia.  Brad has crafted up two fantastic blog entries in the past week outlining exactly what is wrong with what he calls BC's Draft Murder Plan for the Grey Wolf (read his November 21st entry down the page, as well as his November 29th entry at the top).

It takes just a few minutes, but if you read Brad's comments and the Sun articles, you can then go directly to the British Columbia government's feedback form and submit your comments on what you think about BC's proposal to have aerial wolf culls in the province, among other draconian measures, as part of their murder plan for grey wolves.

It's time we put an end to wolf culls (for now -- I'll have more about this on Monday's blog post), wolf killing contests, and the myth of the Big Bad Wolf.

After all, would YOU shoot this?  Then why are we letting anyone else do it without some science to back up their claims?

The Big Bad Wolf?  Hardly, not a single person has ever been killed in BC by a wolf.

Thank you everyone, I greatly appreciate your help and support in this urgent matter.  Please help spread this across Facebook and Twitter and the web as quickly as possible.



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