Wolf Live Contest Winners

Last week, in an effort to raise awareness of the wolf kill contest in Fort St. John and the Draft Management Plan for the Grey Wolf in BC, I offered up a Wolf "Live" Contest providing each of you with a chance to win one or more of my wolf prints.

To say that the contest was successful would be an understatement: it generated more than 250 emails to the Premier of British Columbia and the various Ministers involved in the management plan.  Coupled with news yesterday that over 2,500 people submitted Feedback to the Draft Management Plan, mostly in support of BC's wolves, and it looks like our voices reached far and wide.  Now we just have to hope that the province listens to us.

BC's NDP party has taken a strong stance against the current Draft Management Plan for Grey Wolves

One interesting note is that the NDP in British Columbia has already come out and taken a stance against the Draft Management Plan, while the Liberal party has been silent to date.  Next spring's election in BC should be interesting as the Liberals continue to waffle on big issues like the Enbridge pipeline while the NDP has come out swinging in support of protecting our environment first and foremost.

And Rich Peterson, who was targeted directly by me in my original blog post as a primary sponsor of the ridiculous wolf kill contest, has also been silent to date, only sending out one email that I know of in response to the barrage of emails he originally received (and refusing all media interviews).  His one responding email was ironic in that he asked the person he emailed (the mother of a fellow photographer that wrote to him questioning his motives and logic behind the wolf kill contest) if they had a "degree in Wildlife Management", intimating that she had no say in the wolf matters up there without having said degree -- so why is that ironic?  Because guess who does have a degree in Wildlife Management (Cal-Berkeley/UBC 1994) and guess who never heard a peep from this man?  Me!

Anyways, without further adieu, let's get to the winners!  The grand prize winner of a 16" x 24" wolf photograph from my collection of over a thousand wild wolf images is Liz Glazier from British Columbia!  Congratulations Liz!

Let's hope wolves like this one in Yoho National Park soon do not have to worry about stepping over a park border
The two runner-up winners are Ben Whittaker from Ohio and Jesse Watkins from Alberta.  Ben wins two 8"x12" wolf prints, while Jesse wins one.  Can each of you please contact me directly to collect your prize, thank you!

And thank you again to each of you for helping in this fight, it was uplifting to see the response and to know that a small grassroots campaign like this can make a difference. I will do my best to keep each of you up-to-date on future wolf and bear issues that are near and dear to my heart.



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