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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Alberta's Coyote Killing Contests

WARNING: Extremely graphic images included below.

After my recent posts about British Columbia and Alberta basically having an open season on wolves these days, perhaps it comes as no surprise to anyone that Alberta is playing host to a number of legal coyote-killing contests this winter.

Kodiak Lake Hunting & Fishing's 10th Annual Furbuster Coyote Derby in Barrhead is this weekend

Alberta Beach, Grande Prairie, Leslieville, and Barrhead are all communities within Alberta taking part in these barbaric contests -- Grande Prairie just hosted the "3rd Annual Whack 'Em 'N Stack 'Em Coyote Derby" last weekend (if the name of this contest doesn't sum up the collective mentality of these contests and their participants, then I don't know what will!), while Barrhead is hosting their 10th Annual Furbuster Coyote Derby this coming weekend on February 7th, 2015.

The Grande Prairie coyote-killing contest ran last weekend

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi was talking about gay and lesbian issues when he was recently quoted nationally and internationally as saying that he was fearful Albertans were going to be portrayed as "hillbillies," and one can't help but think that his words couldn't possibly be any more applicable than they are to these wildlife killing contests across the province, in which the sole aim of the contest is have a bunch of rednecks get together and gun down wildlife like coyotes and red foxes so that they can stack them up and take a bunch of pictures afterwards.

Last year's Furbusters 'harvest' --

To date the Alberta government has been decidedly silent on the topic despite a rash of negative publicity that Coyote Watch Canada was able to drum up surrounding the Alberta Beach coyote-killing contest near Edmonton three weeks ago ("Coyote Kill Contest in Alberta Provokes Environmentalists' Anger" and "Hunters, Conservationists Square Off Over Coyote Hunt").

"Hillbillies" indeed. Wolves, coyotes and foxes killed in the 2012 Furbusters Derby

So let's break this down and be very clear about what is going on in these contests: men, women, and children are going out onto public and private lands and are slaughtering our coyotes, foxes, and even wolves. They are doing this out of hatred for predators. And they are doing this because they love to kill. These contests have absolutely nothing to do with population control, livestock protection, pet protection, or game management, as many of these hunters would have you believe, and they most certainly have nothing to do with hunting to put food on the table. Which begs the question, why is the rest of the hunting community not coming down full-force on these unethical contests? Why are the same people who spend hours telling me how much hunters put into conservation and wildlife management not up-in-arms about these murdering contests? Much like last year's Wolf Kill Contest in Fort Nelson, British Columbia, the hunting community by-and-large has disappeared from the scene, with very few hunters stepping forward to express their concern that our province still allows these contests and that this kind of hunting behaviour is still legal in Alberta.

So that leaves it up to you and me to do the dirty work and get these contests halted immediately.

See below for what you can do to help bring an immediate end to wildlife killing contests in Alberta

Here's what you can do to help put an end to wildlife killing contests in Alberta:

Sign the online petition, we need to get to 10,000 signatures, so please share this far and wide in your social media networks:

Write an EMAIL to Premier Jim Prentice (addresses and sample email below):
CC Coyote Watch Canada, as well as the Minister of Culture & Tourism, the Honourable Maureen Kubinec, the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, the Honourable Kyle Fawcett, the Wildlife Manager at Alberta Sustainable Resources & Development, Matt Besko, and Alberta Public Affairs Officer Duncan MacDonnell.


I've included excerpts from an email Calgary wildlife photographer Colleen Gara sent to Minister Fawcett on January 10th in response to the Alberta Beach coyote-killing contest. Please feel free to use similar wording for your own emails to the Premier (and thank you to Colleen for providing permission to reprint portions of this email):

Dear Minister Kyle Fawcett,

I am writing to express my concerns over the DKD Coyote Tournament that occurred today, January 10, 2015 in Alberta Beach, Alberta. I do not believe that this event should be allowed in our Province. I believe that all contests or other similar tournaments which offer prizes or other inducements for the taking of mammals (such as coyotes), and other animals, for an individual contest or tournament should NOT be allowed. This practice is archaic, unethical and not in line with modern day views on wildlife conservation.

The offering of cash prizes in a contest setting is distasteful and unethical. It has also been shown that random, indiscriminate killing of animals such as coyotes (and wolves) alters pack behaviours and does not lead to a reduction of problem animals (which is what the contest organizer states to be one of the main reasons for holding the contest). In fact, evidence has shown that populations increase as a result of indiscriminate killing.

I note that California's Fish and Game Commission passed a decision on this same issue this past December. The Commission found that "permitting inducements for the unlimited take of furbearers and non-game mammals was unsportsmanlike". As a consequence of this finding, they are amending their regulations to prohibit such contests. They believe that by limiting this practice, it promotes respect for California's environment and provides for "conservation, maintenance and utilization of the living resources of the state’s wildlife for the benefit of all of the citizens of the state." This is a very important statement: Such contests are directed at a minority of the population. I believe that a far greater number of people in our Province believe in conservation and wildlife sustainability and would support the banning of such contests offering inducements such as cash prizes. These contests are archaic and the goal is not proper conservation and wildlife management. The prizes, such as those offered at the DKD Tournament, are offered for random reasons: the greatest number of coyotes killed and also for the smallest, largest and mangiest coyote brought in ( It's reprehensible! In the Commission's decision, it was stated that "the introduction of prizes changes hunting behaviour by inducing competition beyond that which would normally occur" and I agree with this statement.

In several articles I have read on this subject, the Government of Alberta consistently states that they do not condone these contests and don't support them. In an article by CTV in April 2010 ( a number of coyote carcasses were found in Southern Alberta that were likely the result of a bounty being offered by the Government of Saskatchewan at the time. When questioned about this activity, the Alberta Government stated that "...although it's legal to kill coyotes for a cross-province bounty, the Alberta government doesn't support it." When questioned about this month's DKD Tournament, Duncan MacDonnell, a public affairs officer with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, said the coyote shoot is legal as long as participants have a licence and obey hunting regulations. He was quoted as saying: “We don’t endorse or condone these hunts, but also realize they are not illegal...but I’d hate for people to think this is a government policy. We are not involved...From our perspective, every animal has a place, and coyotes are part of the natural ecological balance."

But I argue that the Government is involved. By remaining silent in the Province's hunting regulations and environmental policies, the Government is being complicit in this mass killing. You are essentially condoning these types of contests and the indiscriminate killing of wildlife. This practice continues to occur year after year

and I think that it's time that the Government of Alberta stand up against these practices and calls them what they are - unethical and contrary to conservation practices. Follow California's lead and be a leader in this country in this important area!

The Wildlife Act allows the Minister to establish regulations relating to licenses and permits and to hunting in the Province in general. The Minister may specify activities authorized by or under such licenses. Therefore an amendment banning such contests can be enacted by the Minister. I would suggest that our hunting regulations be amended to disallow the practice of allowing these types of contests, similar to what has been done in the State of California.

On a side note, I also note that the regulations allow for the pelts of these animals (shot on private land) to not be recovered. Therefore, under the current legislation, a contest such as the DKD Coyote Tournament could allow for the killing of an unlimited number of coyotes and their pelts could all be wasted. There is no requirement for them to donate the pelts. I realize that the organizer of the DKD Tournament says that they will be donating the pelts, but they don't have to and who will be confirming that this was in fact done? It's wasteful on so many levels.

I believe this practice should be banned in order to provide Alberta's citizens with the enjoyment of its natural resources. The Government should be respecting ethical hunting and proper conservation.

I would very much like to hear what the Government's views are in light of what I've outlined above.

Thank you,

Colleen Gara

Thank you everyone for helping put an end to wildlife killing contests in Alberta.



  1. People are just barbaric. Why can you not let nature take it's course and stop interfering with God's plan. Maybe just a little killer in your soul. Be ashamed, be accountable be humane.

  2. Cruelty against animals has to stop! Hunting as a way of life to feed your family is one thing, but this is clearly blood sport!

  3. Thank you again, John, for bringing these barbaric and senseless killing contests of Alberta's wildlife to the public's attention.

  4. Ashamed to live in this redneck province with all these blood thirsty gun tooting hillbillies!

  5. I can not believe there are people (men) out there doing this killing. Martin Luther King Jr, said 'NEVER NEVER BE AFRAID TO DO WHAT'S RIGHT, ESPECIALLY IF A PERSON OR ANIMAL IS AT STAKE. Society;s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way".

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  8. The cruelity against animals of these people is similar to IS against Humans

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  13. Stop killing these beautiful animals! Enough is Enough!

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  17. Crazy people do things like this. This is a lust for Killing. They do not see that they themselves are the worst kind of predator, ones that kills just to kill. When people do things like this to animals, they will do it to people as well. Oh wait, they did do it to people as well, they did the same thing to the indigenous people of this land. They are teaching their children to kill without mercy and without understanding. They are fear based people. They do not realize that when they return to spirit world they will feel all the pain they have inflected on others. Some people have the consciousness of a slug in a puddle, and this kind of behavior is a demonstration of that kind of consciousness. They have not evolved in consciousness, in fact, they are unconscious. This behavior is insane, truly insane. When man is not connected to their true source of life (The Creator) then is he just a beast, an intellectual beast, and that can be the worst kind. One with no conscious.

  18. This artical is full of false truths! Coyotes are an over populated species that are a nuisance to not only farmers and ranchers but also wild life! As an avid conservationist and out door enthusiast I can defiantly say I've noticed the small animal populations eg.( rabbits, weasels, and grouse) for instance, on a decline, and the coyote population on the rise, expesialy after last years harsh winter deer kill! These are animals are not commonly hunted across central Alberta, with the exception of the grouse. The government has agencies that devote their time and money earned from hunting permits to study the population of animals and help control these populations. When they see a population of a certain animal is getting out of control, they issue more permits to reduce the population. In the case of the coyote they are so over populated that there is no season or tags, and still the populations thrive! If a restriction where to be put on them without first getting their numbers under control it could be devistaing to the rest of the prey animals! How many wild rabbits have you seen outside an urban setting lately in central Alberta? If you haven't been out side the city enough to notice then perhaps you should keep your opinions to yourself?

  19. Mother Nature has been managing species populations just fine since the beginning of time. Thinking humans or government can do it better is complete human arrogance. When humans are able to manage their own numbers (7.4 billion of us and counting), then maybe they have the "right" to manage the numbers of other species.

  20. Hey Hell Billy. I don't know if you've noticed another species that is over populated, they are called humans. Maybe they need to be culled as they are most vicious and dangerous on the planet. As for rabbits, have you not seen them running around the urban areas in Edmonton.

  21. Well said, Michael James. Our numbers have gone from 3.7 billion to 7.4 billion in only 40 years. Don't think coyote numbers are anywhere close to that number and, not only that, they don't rape the environment for their own selfish needs like the human race has done and continues to do.