Grizzly Bear Tour Photos - Part I

Hi everyone, the time has finally come to show off some of the photographs from my tour participants on this year's 2010 Grizzly Bear Photography Tour in B.C. The two tours went fantastically well and we had a plethora of great opportunities in a variety of weather. This is the first of two posts (view the second gallery of grizzly photos here), enjoy!

A beautiful female grizzly resting along the shore.  Photo © Robert Carleton

A grizzly bear playing with a salmon.  Photo © Garry Revesz

Grizzly mother and cub.  Photo © Catherine Fox

Grizzly cubs playfighting.  Photo © Bill Cubitt

Chomping on salmon.  Photo © Garry Revesz

A grizzly cub coming out of the forest.  Photo © Bill Cubitt

A grizzly bear playing with a salmon.  Photo © Garry Revesz

Bald Eagle in flight.  Photo © Robert Carleton

A panorama of The Lagoon.  Photo © Robert Carleton

As you can see, it's a great assortment of images from the participants.  Robert and Garry were using 500mm lenses, while Bill and Catherine were both using 70-200mm lenses with teleconverters.  Watch later this week for more images from the participants, and for the first batch of images from my Jasper Wildlife Photography workshop.  Tomorrow I'll be featuring my next Remember this Name photographer: Wayne Simpson.

View Part II of the 2010 Grizzly Bear Photography Tour Photos

I'll be setting my 2011 grizzly bear tour dates next week, so stay tuned for details.



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