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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grizzly Bear Tour Photos - Part II

More from my clients on the September-October 2010 Grizzly Bear Photography Tours in British Columbia. As you can see, some absolutely phenomenal stuff again, thanks to Bill Cubitt, Hendrik Boesch, Garry Revesz, Catherine Fox, and Robert Carleton.

Stay tuned for some beauts from my Jasper Wildlife Workshop two weeks ago, as well as for that promised Remember this Name feature on Calgary photographer Wayne Simpson.

The Stare.  Photo © Garry Revesz

Bald Eagle in flight.  Photo © Hendrik Boesch

Grizzly racing through the water.  Photo © Bill Cubitt

Salmon flinging - a favourite pasttime.  Photo © Catherine Fox

A beautiful female grizzly along the shore.  Photo © Robert Carleton

Grizzly bear in fall colours.  Photo © Hendrik Boesch

Grizzly portrait.  Photo © Robert Carleton

Wading in.  Photo © Bill Cubitt

Little grizzly, big catch!  Photo © Bill Cubitt

A grizzly cub chomping on a tree.  Photo © Garry Revesz

Catching a sockeye.  Photo © Bill Cubitt

So which are your favourites from this post and the first set of grizzly bear photos?  Let me know!

Happy shooting everyone, and Happy Halloween!



  1. It's so hard to pick favorites due to so many amazing pictures. Seeing them really makes me wish I could have joined you. The cubs playing in water, Grizzly running through water and Lucky grizzly with Salmon were beautiful shots.

  2. Hard to say which is my fave for this group. Love the "Grizzly Portrait". I think the perfect caption for that one is. "What!!!?"

    And the one for the young bear lookng back over his shoulder, "Just one more, Mommy, please?"

    All great images, everyone!

  3. Wow, these shots are all outstanding! Must have been such a thrill to witness these guys in action!

    Wayne Simpson

  4. These are all great images John! You guys must have had a great time. I saw Hendrik mid-October and he couldn't stop talking about the trip! ;)

  5. Beatiful photos! Difficult to choose but my favourites are: "The Stare", "A grizzly cub chomping on a tree", "Grizzly racing through the water" and "Grizzly cubs playfighting".

    What a shame not being possible to go to one of these tours... from Spain is difficult!

    Best regards!