Photo of the Day - Swift Fox Pups

I spent almost four weeks on the Canadian Prairies this summer in search of all sorts of good things: burrowing owls, badgers, black-footed ferrets, pronghorn antelope, and the endangered swift fox.

A 'melt your heart' kinda shot.  Two tiny swift fox pups on the Canadian Prairies

Fewer than 1,000 swift fox live in Canada and they are far from easy to find.  In the entire four weeks on the prairies, I was only able to find three dens.

I photographed this den for three hours one morning from a blind that I carried in with me.  I set up in the pre-dawn light while the foxes were down in the den (and while Dad was off hunting), then departed as soon as the foxes went back down after their morning play session.  The foxes were definitely aware that 'something' was there with them, but other than the odd look, they completely ignored me.

I was very careful not to photograph at any one den more than a few times for fear of disturbing the fox families at this very sensitive time of year in the rearing of the young pups.

Happy shooting!


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